Ameristar’s heavy steel ornamental fences and cable barrier systems are designed for force protection around bases as well as physical security of the assets within military installations and federal facilities. Whether to delay individual attackers or stop vehicular attacks cold, Ameristar makes the product you need.


Introducing a one of a kind industrial strength security system. Designed for rapid installation using a single tool, provide complete safety and perimeter security to your site within a few hours. GridLock® can be installed on either ground or concrete and can be easily removed and reused at a later date.

GridLock is ideal for:

  • Increased security inside or outside your facility
  • Permanent enclosure for valuable assets within critical infrastructure
  • Highly effective crowd control for municipal and federal sites
  • Anywhere you need a secure fence system installed quickly

When not in use, GridLock can be stored away for future deployments. A 9′ x 9′ pallet can store up 80 posts or 35 panels, which is approximately 640 or 280 linear feet of fence, respectively.



More than just a fence, the Matrix enclosure system has the ability to incorporate multiple architectural mesh fence fillers such as welded wire, woven wire, and expanded metal fence infill. Its modular design is popular among fence contractors because of its quick and painless installation. Matrix can be used for high security fence applications, enclosing chemicals of interest, or in less vulnerable areas as a cage enclosure for securing product on a receiving dock.

The Matrix system has the ability to adapt to multiple site conditions and can upgrade to fit a more aesthetic appeal with an ornamental picket or security pale design while still maintaining the perimeter security intended for the application. The adaptable nature of Matrix SPEC fences make this product an easy choice when requiring wire mesh partitions, security cages or wire mesh enclosures for a project.



Stalwart II

The Stalwart II system integrates the design features of a traditional ornamental iron fence with the resilience of the Stalwart anti-ram barrier. The Stalwart II ornamental picket design blends into its surroundings, not drawing attention to itself, but still maintaining the requirements of an anti-ram barrier. Stalwart II fences use the same fence framework as the Impasse high security fence, giving it the ability to integrate multiple security components without a costly patchwork installation. The ornamental picket design helps maintain the quality of life in populated areas and still provides the level of protection required for a facility. Ameristar offers multiple security fence style solutions for its crash fence barriers, see the options and features in the column at right.



Stalwart IS

The Stalwart IS (Impasse Security) system integrates the design elements of a high security fence with an anti-ram barrier. The Impasse framework provides a platform to incorporate various security peripherals required on high security perimeter designs. Intimidating design elements of the Impasse palisade security fence provide the best deterrent to intruders. The components that define the Impasse fence framework are used to carry the anti-ram cable transforming the Impasse fence into the Stalwart IS crash fence system. The Stalwart anti-crash barrier has been engineered and tested in compliance with current ASTM F2656-07 (Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers), and meets the demand for multiple vehicle threats.



Impasse II

Ameristar’s original Impasse® fence revolutionized perimeter security with its remarkable strength, intimidating profile and integrated rail design. The next generation of Impasse takes that innovation to a whole new level.

What makes Impasse II superior to its already impressive predecessor is its bracketless design, heavier posts and redesigned rail which allows even easier integration with intrusion detection systems, closed circuit video and other surveillance and monitoring devices.




The WireWorks Anti-Climb fence is a unique perimeter security product that maintains a guarded display of visual screening balancing the need to delay and deter an attack. The distinguishing feature of WireWorks Anti-Climb is the anti-scale and anti-cut welded wire mesh. This makes it very difficult to get a foothold on this fence, and the cutting implements required to sever its welded heavy steel wire cannot fit into the minimal spaces of the mesh.

These improvements provide a better product and cost savings to you while expanding your market opportunities! WireWorks Anti-Climb is now available in a 10 foot height with 8 gauge wire mesh and can be made in a groundable configuration – a requirement needed for substation enclosures. Installation times are also up to 40% faster compared to the previous configuration. Now only 1 fastener is needed for rail to mesh and mesh to I-beam connections, and the revised mesh panels eliminate “stack-up” in min-max post spacing!

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