High Security Steel Fence

Ameristar's original ImpasseĀ®Ā fence revolutionized perimeter security with its remarkable strength, intimidating profile and integrated rail design. The next generation of Impasse takes that innovation to a whole new level.

What makes Impasse II superior to its already impressive predecessor is its bracketless design, heavier posts and redesigned rail which allows even easier integration with intrusion detection systems, closed circuit video and other surveillance and monitoring devices.


Impasse II Bracketless Design

One of the most important improvements for Impasse II is its bracketless design. Without brackets, Impasse II can be installed in less time for less cost. Click on any of the images below to view the full size version.

The heavy steel construction and intimidating looks of Impasse II act as visual deterrents against intrusion. Just looking at the solid lines of Impasse II causes a potential intruder to think twice about challenging this fence. If an intruder does decide try to breach the perimeter, Impasse II's design delays the attempt, allowing the facility more time to respond. For a project that requires high security, the Impasse II steel palisade fence system is vastly superior to metal mesh or chain link.


Photo Gallery

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